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Logistics management

TIMS International is an logistic partner enough powerful to provide road transport solutions of any kind, in the same time capable  to offer to customers personalized solutions that they need. With our help, our customers continuously improve their transportation network and they become more competitive.

We offer a variety of supply chain services, dedicated specially for you, to bring value for distribution.


Planification principles :


1. Ensuring a link between logistics and company strategy.

2. Achieving a global organization.

3. Valorisation of the information power.

4. Emphasis placed on human resources.

5. Building strategic alliances.

6. Establishing the optimal level of the services.

7. The Importance of details resolving.

8. Optimization of the volume of goods.

9. Evaluating and overcoming of their performances.



Logistics plays a role becoming more important in the companies activity , being in a permanent connection with the production, sale, marketing and customer service. By organization of a logistics activities, this function can bring a real contribution to business growth. Logistics occupies a unique position within our company which influences both information flow as well as the execution flow of orders received.

Logistics includes two categories of basic activities and support. The main groups of activities performed in the logistics are:

1. The functional logistics activities concerning the assurance of supply, storage, the conception and organization of flows, the programming and maintenance of flows.

2. The operational logistics activities which refers to all activities of handling, transportation, control, maintenance of flows, etc.

At TIMS International main logistics activities are:

- transport;

- management of stocks;

- orders taking;

- the storage of goods;

- informational flows.





Having experience in logistics and a detailed analysis we offer our clients individual solutions. We developed concepts elaborated, processed and viewed which with we put into practice the elements of the concept, meaning: planning, structuring and optimization which are used for:

- Processe

Size of the load

- Storage capacity

- Flow of materials

- Packing

- Transport

- Invoicing models

- Equipments and resources in the KPI Progress (key performance indicator).


Although, in the past, the environment was not a major concern or a concern in the industry itself, in the last two decades have shown a remarkable change in the green logistics. It became part of Supply Chain Management discourse. Standard themes in Supply Chain can be extended with an additional accent of strategies able to attenuate the paradoxical nature of the Green Logistics.

Our company meets these standards to make part of the Green Logistics group through:

- All trucks meet Euro 5 standards

- We are part of the Green Supply Chain

- Truckroute, always respecting the timely delivery of goods, is always the shortest.

- Future investments will continue to support environment